Weird Al Yankovic Benefit Show

On Tuesday, April 11, 2006, the BIG Rock n' Roll Comedy Show, headed by Joe Lavelle, put on a benefit show at The Mint in Los Angeles, to raise money for the Weird Al Star Fund. He did such a fabulous job talking up our project from the stage, so anyone who hadn't heard about it before got an excellent description of our mission, why Al is so deserving, and why we want this Walk of Fame Star to come from the fans, which is how we think ALL celebrities should receive their stars!

The amount raised that night was $344 in cover charges, $24 in merch sales, and $193 in straight cash donations to the fund, for a total of $561--not bad for a night's work, eh?

Hosted by Joe Lavelle and his BIG Rock n' Roll Comedy Band

Evan Wecksell

Raymond and Scum

Ray Don

Throwing Toasters

Hard 'n Phirm

Everyone performed at least three songs including one Weird Al cover song. Joe Lavelle opened the show with "The Check's In The Mail" -- on the accordion no less! Evan Wecksell played "The Saga Begins." Raymond and Scum played "Generic Blues," and Ray Don played "Bob." Throwing Toasters played "Good Enough For Now," and Hard 'n Phirm performed "One More Minute." Joe and his band played "Midnight Star," and for a finale, everybody came out to perform "Dare to be Stupid" -- the perfect way to end the show!

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The posters look like the one below, except autographed by all the performers (Joe Lavelle, Ray Don, Evan Wecksell, Hard 'n Phirm, Raymond and Scum, and Throwing Toasters).

Weird Al Yankovic Benefit Show

Check out the photos from the big show!